Portland, OR

Portland, OR

Detan's Version:  Ayo and I met after church in Seattle Washington. We were introduced by my sister in-law, as I was new to the area... I remember starring at him for the most part of service trying to figure out who this old man was....  We spoke after service a couple of Sundays and one day I said "feel free to ask for my number" . Luckily for him, he took the hint and got the girl....

Ayo has to be the most loving and thoughtful gentleman I've met after my Father. Right from the start I knew this was a man who would make a great husband. Did I think he would be my great husband? No, because I was still in the whole well you're not ready to settle down phase... However, he never treated me like the girl he was dating but always saw more in the relationship than the here and now... I on the other hand was totally different. In his famous words " you need to see the bigger picture."

Most people would say that their relationship was  rosy, I wouldn't lie we had  our great moments and others where we had to re-evaluate and work on ourselves. The best part about a relationship is having someone who is willing to learn and improve. Ayo probably learns quicker than I do and I appreciate the good example he sets as a partner.

Ayodele is my man.....

He is a brilliant man, a man I trust will make the right decisions for our family, and one I know will have our best interests at heart..

"I've found a friend whom I would love nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with."

Our Story

How We Met

Ayo's Version: The one I like to tell is "we met in church." Pastor Kemi introduced Detan and I. It was a brief meeting but a feeling lingered. Where had she come from? I wanted to see her again but had to wait until the next service (seven whole days). Week after week, I found myself staying behind after service so I can see Detan.

I remember she didn't show up for church one Sunday. I was at a loss and decided I wasn't going to take any more chances, so I planned to get her number the next time. I finally did and that's where our journey began.

"We've shared many brilliant adventures and now we're about to embark on our most exciting one yet!"

We began chatting and talking over the phone until we became very close. I asked her out shortly after. Our love blossomed and we became inseparable. I soon got to meet the rest of her siblings and family. Detan's parents were very accommodating, they've always treated me like a son. I started to nurse an idea...

She said yes!

She said yes!

The Proposal

Last November, I proposed to Oluwadetan over her birthday dinner at the exclusive Portland City Grill. I had rehearsed my speech several times that night but in the end, I could only mutter a few words and what sounded like "will you marry me?" Luckily she understood and said yes! I regained my confidence and announced to the room "She Said Yes!" Mission accomplished.

How did I Know?

We started a friendship that transcends boundaries and defies age. Even though she is a couple more years younger than me, I can easily relate with her. I like how competitive she is. She kind of likes my sense of humor. Anybody who likes my sense of humor, I immediately like. Around her, I’m fairly lighthearted and we just took to each other. We've shared many adventures and now we're about to embark on our most exciting one yet!