Dee's Angels

Family isn't always your blood relations. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are 'with all your crazy'. The ones who would see you smile & who love you no matter what.


Birgitta Ogunkoya

Birgitta, is a friend turned sister. She is a smart woman and a good role model. We've known each other since 2007 but our friendship truly began in 2011 while we both studied Marketing at CU.

Iyawo (Bride)!!!! she gets married 3 weeks before me. and I am honored to share her day with her. Good friends don't come by everyday so I'm forever grateful to call you one.

Looking back at our journey, I remember spending Valentine's day with my four sisters. We were all single (or where we??)  You had Chenko, but you stayed with us single folk and we had a blast... Funny times... I found a sister in you.

Barbara Shaw

Barbara is my cousin from my moms side of the family. She has a kind heart. Barbara is a smart and independent business woman. She has a great sense of responsibility and I admire that in her.

The best talent B has is in cooking and baking... She is a great chef!!!     (Trust me guys).

We have conquered a lot of outdoor activities together such as swimming, paint-balling, hiking and... fine, just three but that's more than many.

The most memorable moment together was hiking up Multnomah Falls, Oregon's largest waterfall. The sense of accomplishment that we had after making it without giving up was everything! I'm indeed grateful to have you in my life B!


Boyinde Olaleye

Boyinde is my baby cousin from my dad's side of the family. She is a smart young woman who is currently practicing to be a lawyer.

Boyinde like me, is also the only girl and the youngest among three siblings... (That can be very frustrating, I know... Hehe). Luckily for us we have pretty decent egbons (brothers)....

I'm glad to have Boyinde as family...

Ayoade Onafowora

Ayoade is my cousin from my moms side of the family. My ride or die chick.

Many a conversation have been had on the most common subject amongst women; Men! Of course we talk about other fairly important things like business, travel bla bla..

Ayo is a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to make it known. She is career oriented and has good business sense. She is also a very independent woman

My most memorable time with Ayo was our vacation across the United states. We shared long flights, as well as road trips with crazies on the bus... fun times..

Like a lot of relationships, we love hard and fight just as hard.

We have very similar thought processes and can usually communicate with one look. Ayo is family and a great friend.  

Moyin Abolude

Moyin and I grew up in church. we share a common bond of having Pastors as Fathers. It's a very interesting life to live with everyone watching your every move. Somehow, we both have the same attitude of not really caring about what people say.

Moyin is a banker by profession. I am very proud at the level of growth and development she has been able to achieve.

 We have had many a sleepover during those times when the folks were out of town. Good times!!! wink wink.. 

Tope Olabiyi

My talented cousin Tope. Funny thing is she's literally my aunt but to me she will always be my baby cousin.

Tope has a big heart. She is very sweet and very kind and always willing to learn and take advise. Slow to anger and quick to forgive. (I think).

She has a great love for education and teaching which has led her to pursue a Masters degree in just that.

She has a great voice and I know she will do big things in life.


Temple Ofikulu

Temple of the Holy spirit!!!

An unexpected friendship developed with Temple a few years ago... we met in North Carolina while I was visiting my brother. Of course with "All women" there's the initial forming and shakara, (that was Temple not me o). The love blossomed a year later on my next trip and we've been friends ever since...

Temple of the Lord has been an invaluable asset to my life. You know someone cares when even though its not convenient they are willing to give up their all to help others.. That's my Temple.

She has been a pillar of support and I'm forever grateful.. I am very sad she wont be able to make the wedding but I understand.


Damola Okuneye

Okuneye as I call her has been my friend for 6 solid yrs. We both studied Marketing at CU. We developed a friendship that began post graduation.

Her tomboyish attitude gives us common grounds with which to relate....

She is a wise woman with a kind heart. Although she tries to act tough, she is a big softie. Many a conversation have been shared about relationships (the good the bad and the ugly) and we have been there one for another.

I am so proud to call you my sister...

Dotun Obisakin

What can I say, it all started with us being room mates in covenant university and the rest is history. Dee has been my friend and sister for 10years, we have been inseparable since. We studied the same course in college and had to endure being mistaken for each other and being called by each others names. Of course we didn't waste an opportunity to put the culprits in their place.

We have celebrated numerous events together: matriculation, graduation, birthdays, family events etc... We are very similar yet very different. One thing we do share is a common attitude towards people. Although its been said that I'm the nicer one. Our love for sports meant many late nights with her practicing volleyball and me playing basketball at CU. Post graduation, we have developed our friendship into a sisterhood. A bond we hope would last forever.

I am especially grateful to share the most important day of my life with Dotun standing by my side.. She is my longest and dearest friend.


Lola Jaiyesimi

LJ can be the most annoying person on earth :) We've had a love hate relationship since our first day at covenant university (Hian) Like all my sisters, we studied Marketing but didn't really develop a friendship until our last year in school.

LJ always has your back. She's very understanding and accepting of most situations and doesn't judge. However, she'll let you know when you're not on the right path and I respect her for that.

Lola is a very talented fashion designer who keeps running from her gift. But I'll tell you this she is a force to reckon with. I am most proud about her ability to grow in her career.

We have shared a lot of laughter and a few tears. She's always been my go to person for advise. A strong believer that I deserved to be happy and a strong believer in my relationship with Ayo..

I am very proud of the woman you have become even though I don't tell you so enough.


Tope Odumosu

Temitope, my shorty... When you see her you would understand. She's very petite.. (Hehehe). I write this knowing I could possibly be in trouble. She is small but feisty.

Tope can be sweet and caring. She loves a good gist. She can probably replay my relationship tales.. Please don't!!!

Tope and I grew up in church. We were friends as kids, playdates and all. We lost touch for a few years and reconnected after almost 10 years and I've been her gist person ever since.

Temi has a good heart and is always willing to help in good times, and bad... Welcome on board!