The Expendables

Choose your cabinet wisely they say. I present to you my day-1s. The ones that really know me. Some of you are retired now but I thought we should do this one last time. In all seriousness, I'm glad you have accepted me as I am over the years we've known. Here's to many more.


Paul Apata

Paul is my youngest brother. Would you believe that? A serial groomsman. He has more wedding suits in his closet than actual clothes. But on the real though, Paul is the coolest guy you'll ever meet. A trusted friend who will go out of his way to help anyone in need. He's also the Secretary of State who forgot the wedding dates but that's another story. Welcome on board bro.


Damola Makinde

AKA Dameon. I've known this brother for almost 25 years. Yes, you heard that right. Don't be fooled by his boyish looks. The funny story is we both lived in Festac, then Maryland, and now Texas. We even worked for the same company in Dallas. The business analyst who thinks everyone else is an analyst. If you need a drink at the party, he's the most likely to help out.


Ikechukwu Mgbemena

Mena!! As you can probably tell, Iyke stands at 6ft 4inches tall. One of my more responsible friends. I've known this brother since high school. A family man and Christian, Iyke has always been a trusted advisor. When it was time to choose my groomsmen, his was an easy choice. I'm honored to have you on this train.


Seye Somoye

SKG! We both attended high school together and belonged to the same house (Green House). But that wasn't enough, we also both grew up in Festac. Seye is an avid supporter of Manchester United FC as I am. This is one brother who would go out of his comfort zone to be there for a me and I truly respect that.


Opeyemi Shittu

OG! I can't really describe this brother without trying to say something clever. But that wouldn't be clever in itself because there's no clever way to describe him. Grafitti artist, art connoisseur, fashion designer, other details "sketchy." We both love art but that's just where it starts.

Yemi Mohammed

A fellow Mate of Distinguished Eminence (MODE), myself and Yemi attended university together and lived in the same house for at least 4 years. He thinks he knows me better than anyone but I can't even begin to tell him how wrong he is. He is one of the brothers who would scorn at any thought I'm a changed person. I'm still working on converting him. Yemi is kind-hearted and genuine. In other news, Yemi just had a beautiful baby!


Seun Makanjuola

My Amigo. I've known this young man the longest, we might as well be blood brothers. Whenever I returned home to Nigeria, Seun was my loyal buddy who always put everything aside till my visit was over. Unfortunately, he won't be attending the wedding because he's on assignment. He's been very useful regardless. Seun lives in Texas and is single and searching. Ladies?

Dare Akinbobola

Dare is definitely in line to be the next Big IT entrepreneur from Africa. He's already working his way up the ranks. I've known Dare for years and he's been very instrumental in getting myself and Detan on board. A trusted advisor and friend. Hopefully someday we can actually start a business together.

Wale Aderoju

One of my trusted allies, Wale is cool headed, easy-going and resourceful. We've hosted a number of talent hunt events together in the past. If you need to place that call at 3AM, Wale is the one you most likely want on the other end.


Bolaji Adekunle

Bolaji is a true friend and brother. We also attended college together. A successful entrepreneur and businessman. The only guy I know who is abandoning the US to seek greener pastures in Nigeria. Bolaji is a believer. He's one of my remaining single brothers and eligible at that. So honored to have you join the team at such short notice.